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Solar Collectors

How your solar heating system will work, depends on efficiency of your solar collectors.

High-quality flat solar collectors PolarSol are designed for the maximum achievement of efficiency and reliability. They have modern design and are executed from qualitative materials. Embedding of collectors in a roof or a front at a stage of building of the dwelling considerably devides out expenses for building materials.

Flat solar collectors PolarSol is intended for transformation of a solar radiation to thermal energy and applied in all spheres of human activity where thermal energy is required – in active solar heating systems, hot water supply to household and technological needs, pool heating.

This solar collector represents the panel with a transparent surface in which the solar energy absorber is placed.

For a high absorption capacity of thermal energy transferred by visible light and IR radiation, the absorber is processed special by a covering.

The basic advantages of absorber PolarSol:

– High Chemical Resistance Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel AISI321;
– High Thermal Efficiency;
– Extra Low Hydraulic Resistance;
– Resistance to High Temperature and Overheating;
– Resistance to Pressure Jumps.

Thanks to a transparent surface which is executed from the tempered supertransparent glass with the low maintenance iron, the high percent optical transmission is attained, heat losses at wind and rain affecting to drop, protection against snow and a grad is provided.

Work principle

The sunlight passes through a glassing and gets on absorbers which heat up, transforming solar radiation into thermal energy. This heat is transferred to heat-transfer agent – to water or the antifreeze circulating through a solar collector. Heat-transfer agent heats up and gives then thermal energy through the heat exchanger to water in the storage tank.

The solar collector in any convenient place is installed: on a roof, on land, on a wall of a building the south also is oriented. Thus it is necessary to consider coordinates of location for sampling of an optimum angle of an inclination of a collector to a horizon line since the overall performance of all solar heating system will depend on it.

Distinctive features:

º    Use of absorbers from high chemical resistance stainless steel
º    High thermal efficiency
º    Extra low hydraulic resistance
º    Resistance to high temperature and overheating
º    Resistance to pressure jumps
º    Simplicity of a design
º    Safety and ecological compatibility
º    Accessibility and ubiquity
º    Reliability and durability

Comparison of PolarSol collector  with other collector type



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