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DC 15 W

The brushless solar DC circulation pump

The brushless solar DC circulation pump provides the forced circulation of heat-transfer agent in solar heating system.

It is developed specially with possibility of a power supply from PV battery.

Advanced magnetic drive technology for static-impeller, without any leakage for ever.


Technical characteristics
Voltage: 10…24V DC (rated: 12V DC), a power supply from PV battery
Max power consumption: 15 W
Max head: 3 m
Max flow: 11,5 L/min
Max working temperature: 110°С
Max system pressure: 10 Bar
Low noise: ≤ 45 dB far from 1m distance
Work resource: to 30000 hours
Continual work: 24 hours’ work
Min start-up power consumption: < 2 Watt
Pipe fitting: 1/2″ brass Inlet/Outlet an outdoor thread
Dimensions: 107mm х 85mm х 64mm
Weight: 0,4 kg
Motor protective functions

–          Protection against dry operation.
Drive circuitry can detect no or little liquid in pump chamber and will stop the pump.

–          Excessive temperature.
The pump will slow or stop when the motor temperature increases beyond rated temperature as a result of elevated fluid temperature and installed environment temperature, and will automatically recover when temperature decrease to rated temperature.

–          Over load protection.
The drive circuitry is protected against excessive current and load.

–          Over voltage protection.
The drive circuitry is protected against over voltage range.

–          Wrong polarity protection.
The drive circuitry is protected against wrong polarity.


 Connection, installation & direction

To avoid break the inlet & outlet, when connect and tighten the pipe connections, it’s necessary to reliably fix the hexagonal nut of inlet/outlet by wrench.

Wires have polarity. Red is plus and black is minus. Wrong polarity will damage the motor.
There is a powerful magnet inside the pump liquid end, do not use any liquid that contains metallic substances such as iron, nickel, etc.
To avoid the introduction of water into the electronics, keep the pump body dry.
Pump should be drained when subjected to freezing temperatures.
It is preferred that the pump always remains in a horizontal direction and pumping upward .

It is acceptable for the pump to be mounted under the piping in a vertical direction.
The pump cannot be mounted over the piping in a vertical direction and any position of the motor is over the pump chamber, this can cause the pump to run dry leading to temperature failure of the pump.
It is recommended that the pump shall be installed in a position lower than the liquid level of the tank by at least 12 inches (30cm). If this distance is too short, air may enter the pump, causing damage.
To minimize frictional resistance, the shortest piping possible with a minimum number bends should be utilized on the inlet or suction side of the pump.
Install a water conditioner if you have hard water.

Before start the pump:

–        Install the pump in correct direction and position.
–        Make certain that the power source conforms to the requirement of pump.
–        Be sure the check valve is installed in the proper direction of flow.
–        Make certain that the system is filled with liquid and that the air has been purged.

Start the pump

Open the isolation valves and any other valves that may have been closed during the pump installation.
Plug the pump on.
Power cycling the pump several times accelerates the air removal. If you hear noise initially, this should abate after a short while as air is purged from around the impeller.
If the pump is noisy there may be air trapped in the system. To purge the air from the pump, turn the pump off and on several times.
To purge the air from the system open a faucet until all the air in the line has escaped.
If noise does not disappear or decrease substantially, change the pump’s installation direction or position, and purge the system once again.