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Solar heating control unit controls the process of water heating with the solar collector and performs intelligent supervision over conditions of solar system.

The control unit gains the information from temperature sensors and controls circulation pump work. Indicators on the front panel represent a condition of work of pumps (СР1, СР2 LED’s) and the control unit state (STATUS LED). RESET button is for controller dump into the factory settings.

Control unit designed specially to power up from PV battery. This does system independent from power sources and safe.

The control unit is delivered with all options adjusted and does not demand additional options adjustment.

Technical characteristics


– collector temperature sensor;
– storage tank temperature sensor the bottom;
– storage tank temperature sensor the overhead.


– relay output for CP1 pump control  ;
– relay output for CP2 pump control.

Accuracy of temperatures measurement: ±1°С
Power supply: 12…19V DC from PV battery
Power consumption: ≤ 1,5 W
Operation temperature range: +5…+55°С
Protection class: IP 40
Dimensions: 87mm х 87mm х 28mm
Weight: 90 g