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Why Polarsol is the best?

Let us start with excluding oil, heating oil, natural gas and other fuel-based systems from the comparison. These solutions do not rely on renewable energy and require constant expenses.

The technologies of water-air heat pumps and geothermal systems are the closest to our system among the sustainable solutions. Let us consider these technologies:

Water-air heat pumps are similar to conventional air conditioners in terms of the design. The external block takes heat from the ambient air and supplies it to the house. These systems have been developed for, and are successfully used in countries warmer than Canada, i.e. do not have severe frost, such as southern states of the USA, Greece, Japan, etc. This system becomes problematic, when the ambient air temperature drops below 5°C. In this case, the pump efficiency comes close to zero, and the heat pump starts operating in the direct electrical heating mode. The conversion factor of such systems does not usually exceed during the year 1.43 : 1.43 kWh of thermal energy is produced per 1 kWh of electrical energy.

Geothermal systems imply using the heat of the lithosphere to heat space. However, “heating systems based on a heat pump and a closed ground circuit” are usually sold under this description. In this case, the heat is not taken from a deep well. It is collected from the soil, where the heat exchanger circuit is located. The efficiency factor of such systems is slightly higher than 2 in the best case scenario: they produce 2 kWh of thermal energy per 1 kWh of electrical energy, which is better than the water-air heat pump systems. However, it is important to remember that heat is extracted from the ground, and to repeat the process next winter one needs to “charge” the ground with heat.

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