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Ecological impacts and benefits of Polarsol heating systems include reduced emissions, reduced fossil fuel consumption, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and improved water quality. Coal, natural gas, and oil extraction and production release significant amounts of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, into the atmosphere. Polarsol heating systems do not emit any of these gases during the operation of the units. Furthermore, the system does not utilize the process of extracting and refining non-renewable energy resources that negatively impact local ecosystems.



Economic impacts include energy cost stability and independence from the grid. Polarsol heating system provides firm, peak-demand, clean and reliable heat when and where it is needed. The system can also supplement heating needs during blackouts, disaster recovery, and in remote locations throughout Canada. Once the system is in place it has a guarantee of 25 years of clean and reliable operation.



Social sustability PolarSol is directed on safety of manufacture, health of employees and social responsibility.

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